Where to Begin

So often I’ve I thought of starting a blog. I just have so many words it seems they should be put to good use and not wasted on idle talk as even I get tired of hearing myself. So here I am this evening, full of words and no one to share them with, so … here you are my keyboard and this space I created on WordPress.

RenukaSpecialIf a picture is worth a thousand words, this one is worth that and more to me.

That smile you see in the side of her cheek, it means she likes that picture. It means that she likes having a picture of herself and me together. It means that somehow a bridge across cultures and language barriers has been built. A bridge so valuable and so treasured in my heart that words don’t do justice to what it means.

To see a friendship across cultures and languages grow is one of the most beautiful experiences. Walls come down. Interests peek. Concern for the other develops. A friendship is born.

God continues to amaze me in where He shows up and how and through what. When we seek to give, how much more we receive because we receive Him. It is that realization that drives one to give more – not for self gratification, but for the glimpse of beauty as God intended – the experience of love, the experience of God. How humbling, and, oh how beautiful our God is.

Looking for more on lonely days

Some days are filled with people interactions and others, well, if you are primarily at home, you can go all day without talking to anyone, but the dog of course.

Today was an in-between all that kind of day. Even though there was interaction with some, depth was lacking. Then on my last little errand, a lady motioned me to go on it front of her. I didn’t know what she was doing in the parking lot. As I walked passed her, curious, she said, “Isn’t that sunset something?” “Yes it is,” I said. 

Just minutes before I had marveled at the sunset as I drove toward it. How quickly I forgot it’s beauty so I could hurry on to the shopping list. So, more than the sunset, I’m thankful for that little lady who reminded me of it and let me know that others notice the sunset too.

We’re all just a little more connected than we think. When you’re looking up at the sunset or the moon or the clouds, you’re really not alone at all.


Today will only last as long as the natural clock allows. At the end of it, may there be meaning in some way. May tomorrow bring new or renewed meaning. May each learn or discover something new.

When all else fails, I look to nature for newness and meaning. The sky is always new. The mountains are every painted differently depending on the clouds and time of year. Today, plants received the nutrients they needed. Have I received the nutrients I need?

At the end of the day, I pray my soul has found meaning if nothing else but to hope for another day.